How It All Started

As a mom, I wanted to start a pest control company that had the same concern for your children and pets as you do.

I am a wife and mother of five children under 9. We got a call a few years ago that would change our lives forever. We adopted two of our children, who had a past with roach and mouse infestations in their home. We are grateful for them and obviously have a heart both for adoption and making sure they never experience anything like that again.

I also have my Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching and 9 years of teaching experience. After college, I became a missionary in Costa Rica. There I became fluent in Spanish and had the opportunity to coach soccer to underprivileged children and youth. I also led Bible studies and taught English. This experience led me into teaching K-12 Spanish in inner city schools.

Both in Costa Rica and in teaching, I saw a direct correlation between academic achievement and athletic involvement. I noticed that children who played sports and had active involvement with coaches and parents were more disciplined in their academics. After learning about the pest control industry and getting certified, I knew this would be the route that would allow our family the opportunity to impact the most children to be able to play outside with their families and impact our local community.

Our Methods

As a mom, I want the interior and exterior of your home to be serviced safely and effectively. We have the care and technique to focus on your family and bring back the homefield advantage against pests. We designed our Little League pest defense service so that the inside of your home was treated with a “Liquid Last, Not First” technique in the cracks and crevices. We also do not use granules on the exterior to be sure that your kids’ shoes and your dog’s paws never pick up and unintentionally carry them around. Once the liquid is dry, the Environmental Protection Agency says it is safe for you to enjoy your home and yard.

We love helping families and influencing our community here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Pest control helps people live their already difficult lives and handle the challenges they face with a little more peace of mind. There are many diseases that are stopped or controlled because of pest control, and there are plenty more benefits from controlling pestilence. This includes property damage and goods that pests destroy. We can also add that people have added anxiety when pests affect their homes and families. We bring value to their life that few other industries have solutions for. While we cannot do everything, there is a lot we can do.

We use products from trusted manufacturers and guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure we always use current best practices. While some pests require more intensive treatments, we use an environmental defense approach first. This means that, unless a pest is invasive, we really shy away from applying granules that can possibly travel deeper than the topsoil. We take our responsibility toward the environment and your family seriously. Contact us at Invicta Environmental Pest Defense today to learn more.


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